Philodendron Scandens Brasil - Heartleaf Philodendron - Hanging

Philodendron Scandens Brasil - Heartleaf Philodendron - Hanging

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A trailing beauty, and absolute must-have for any indoor plant enthusiast. Philodendrons are a fast grower when they’re happy, and look great potted, hanging or trailing across your bookcase. They’re a real interior designer’s dream.  

It’s pretty easy-going and can tolerate most light conditions, except of course direct intense sunlight. Philodendrons have beautiful waxy green foliage, with the Philodendron Scandens Brasil possessing a unique yellow variegation, and stalky legs that are very easy to propagate.  

Native to Central America and the Caribbean, they are from the family Araceae

A perfect beginner plant due to its easy care, and aesthetic appeal. This plant is associated with love, and therefore makes a wonderful gift for weddings, Valentine’s or your sweetheart’s birthday.

House Plant Care


Philodendrons prefer bright, indirect light but can tolerate low lighting conditions, and some gentle direct light. 


Keep the soil moist but not drenched. Water when the topsoil feels a little dry. Can be misted regularly, as it enjoys a humid environment. 


We advise feeding this plant with fertilizer a couple of times during the summer growing period. 

It is a fast grower and an avid climber. 


These plants are considered to be toxic if ingested so it is best to keep them out of reach of curious children and pets.


Your Philodendron Scandens Brasil currently lives in a 15cm nursery pot with a hook attached for convenient hanging.

They're 50cm in length from pot base to leaf tip.

They can ultimately reach 400cm in length.