The Giant Philodendron, a large tropical houseplant that is indigenous to the Caribbean.
The long, broad leaves of the Giant Philodendron that can be several feet long.

Philodendron Giganteum - Giant Philodendron

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About the Giant Philodendron

The most grandiose, statement plant; the Philodendron Giganteum, or Giant Philodendron exceeds expectations. Its magnificent luscious green foliage can measure over 2 feet in length. These plants are true opportunists. Their aerial roots allow them to climb up adjacent trees, much like the Monstera Deliciosa. The broad leaves enable the Giant Philodendron to absorb as much light as possible as it filters through the forest canopy above.

Native to the Caribbean and Brazil, the Philodendron Giganteum is a popular choice among botany and horticulture enthusiasts alike for its ability to fill out empty spaces.

House Plant Care


These plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight. They are capable of tolerating lower light conditions but their rate of growth will slow down.


Water regularly in the warmer months. Allow the top 2-3 inches of soil to dry out in between waterings.


Giant Philodendron are native to tropical regions meaning they enjoy humid environments. Regular misting is recommended. Clean the broad leaves often to remove dust and dirt.


These plants are considered to be toxic if ingested so it is best to keep them out of reach of curious children and pets.


Your Philodendron Giganteum currently lives in a (35cm diameter, 32cm height) nursery pot.

They are roughly 150-180cm from pot base to leaf tip.

Whilst we maintain the best standard possible, plants can vary slightly from the photograph from season to season.