Peperomia Santorini

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Peperomia Santorini is a sophisticated little plant. Its dusky grey pattern and rich maroon underneath make this plant an intriguing sight. 

Santorini are succulent-like and requires infrequent watering. It is an easy-going plant that is happiest in a bright space. 

This plant is a slow grower, and ideal for a centerpiece or window spot to add a bit of colour, contrast & interest to your space. 

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*excludes Bergs - Hoff - ø14cm - Rosa/Green



Requires bright light, to thrive but can tolerate slight moderate light also.


Allow the soil to dry out entirely between watering. These plants are succulent-like meaning they can survive mild drought and do not need to be watered particularly frequently.


The Peperomia Santorini, like other members of the Peperomia genus, will actually prefer to be slightly pot-bound. As a result, these plants do not require frequent repotting

Child & Pet Friendly

These house plants are non-toxic and are therefore art of our Child & Pet Friendly Collection.


Your Peperomia Santorini currently lives in a (12cm diameter) nursery pot. 

They're 20cm in height (Pot base to leaf tip).