Our hand mixed peat-free Indoor Potting Soil in a resealable bag.

Organic Potting Soil - Small

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Organic, peat-free potting soil in a resealable pouch. Suitable for a variety of indoor plants, providing them with ample nutrition. 

The pouch comes in a clever & convenient size making it easy to store away in your home without any mess. The resealable zip-lock allows you to keep your soil fresh and use it as needed. 

This bag will allow you to comfortably re-pot up to five small plants or two large plants. It is also suitable for seeds and flowers.

Good quality compost is the foundation of healthy growth promoting healthy root, foliage, and flower production.

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Additional Information

Each Bag contains roughly 3L of organic Potting Soil.

Height: 34cm Width: 24cm Depth: 10cm