The Sword Fern, a popular soft-looking houseplant.
A boston fern indoor office plant in a Berg&
The Boston fern indoor plant in a Berg&
The Nephrolepsis Exalta indoor plant potted in a Berg&

Nephrolepis Exaltata - Boston Fern

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About the Boston Fern

Also known as the Sword Fern, this plant has a beautiful ruffled appearance, that creates an earthy, natural feel just like a forest floor. These plants are quite popular in current trends and look great in any space.

Their long-reaching fronds are decorated with tiny leaves- so perfect they almost look fake.

Native to tropical regions worldwide, they are a herbaceous perennial that makes a vibrant quirky addition to your collection.

Your  Boston Fern currently lives in a 14cm diameter nursery pot. 

They're 35-40cm in height from pot base to leaf tip and can ultimately reach 100cm in height.

Whilst we maintain the best standard possible, plants can vary slightly from the photograph from season to season.

Care Guide

A happy medium is best for the Boston Fern. A bright or lightly shaded spot would suit, but never direct sunlight. Regularly turning the plant is also beneficial.

Water little and often. Ferns prefer their soil to be moist but not drenched. We advise adding a liquid plant feed to the water roughly once per month as Boston Ferns require periodic fertiliziation.

The indoor plants love high humidity so misting a few times a week is beneficial. In winter months, misting is more important than ever - as they don’t appreciate central heating. Leaves can yellow if it doesn’t get enough humidity.

Boston Ferns are non-toxic to both humans and pets and are therefore part of our Child & Pet-Friendly Collection.

Your Nephrolepis Exaltata is capable of producing fronds that are roughly 100cm in length, given adequate care and attention.