Mother PlantSpectrum Grow Light
Mother PlantSpectrum Grow Light

Mother PlantSpectrum Grow Light

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About Mother PlantSpectrum

PlantSpectrum emits all wavelengths that contribute to plant growth. Guarantee results at every stage of growth, for every type of plant.

A 92% PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) rating means this plant light is exceptionally efficient, ensuring the light emitted is directly contributing to plant growth.

PlantSpectrum is also designed to mimic sunlight as effectively as possible. With a CRI (Colour Rendering index) score of 97+, plants grown with the help of PlantSpectrum develop almost identically to how they would under true sunlight, mimicking natural growth habits, colours and flavours.


PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation): 92%

CRI (Colour Rendering Index): 97

Ambient and Operating Temperature: ~40°C

Water and Dust Resistance Rating: IP20


Diameter: 36mm (1.4")

PlantSpectrum16 Length: 377mm (16")

PlantSpectrum32 Length: 794mm (32")

Cable Length incl. Adapter: 244cm (96")


Full-spectrum Grow light module.

Wall adapter with all international plug types.

Disc mount for vertical installation.

Slider mounts for rack installation.

2x M4 hex screws, 1 hex L-key tool.


The Mother PlantSpectrum Range is available for preorder. Dispatch of this product may take up to 4 weeks. 

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