Monstera Deliciosa - Swiss Cheese Plant - Small

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Monstera Deliciosa is a hugely popular plant, and has been for a long time. Commonly known as the Swiss Cheese plant due to the holes in its beautiful huge leaves. This is the ultimate lush tropical plant, ideal for anyone from beginner to plant pro. Monstera Deliciosa is so easy-going and an avid grower when looked after.

Known for its “Swiss cheese” style holes in its leaves - this plants leave will grow as normal, and over time the tallest reaching one's will develop holes to allow light to travel through the plant to the underneath foliage - it's a clever plant!

Native to South America, and part of Araceae, the aroid family. It can reach up to 70ft in its natural environment! 

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*excludes Bergs - Hoff - ø14cm - Rosa/Green



Requires a bright, well-lit space but can handle moderate light. Avoid direct sunlight which may harm the leaves. 


Allow the soil to dry out slightly in between waterings. You can use your fingers to feel how dry the soil is before watering. On average once every 1-2  weeks, and increased in the warmer months. 


You can maintain your Monstera’s growth by using a stake or tying the stalks up together. 

This will help train the plant in the direction you want. 


This plant is toxic if ingested so keep away from small children and pets.


Your Monstera Deliciosa currently lives in a (12cm diameter, 9cm height) nursery pot. 

They're 35cm in height (Pot base to leaf tip). 

They are avid growers and can reach 70ft in height in the wild. So don't be afraid to get out the pruning shears.