The Monstera Deliciosa, a tropical houseplant with broad leaves.
The Swiss cheese plant, named for the holes the plant naturally develops in its leaves.

Monstera Deliciosa - Swiss Cheese Plant - Large

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About the Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa is a hugely popular plant and has been for a long time. Commonly known as the Swiss Cheese Plant due to the holes in its beautiful leaves. With its lush foliage, this is the ultimate tropical plant, ideal for anyone from beginner to expert. The Monstera Deliciosa is easy-going and an avid grower when looked after. 

The leaves create their iconic holes, called fenestrations, as the plant matures, allowing light to pass through to the leaves below.

Native to South America, they are part of the Araceae, or aroid, family. Naturally epiphytic, they climb up nearby trees, and are capable of doing so up to heights of 70 meters in their natural habitat.

Your Monstera Deliciosa currently lives in a 21cm nursery pot. 

They're 65-70cmcm in height from pot base to leaf tip.

They are avid growers and can reach 70ft in height in the wild.

Whilst we maintain the best standard possible, plants can vary slightly from the photograph from season to season.

Care Guide

Monsteras require a bright, well-lit space but can handle moderate light. Avoid prolonged periods in intense direct sunlight as this may harm the leaves.

These indoor plants tend to be relatively easy going when it comes to watering. While they prefer to be watered as the soil begins to dry out, they are tolerant of brief periods of drought.

You can maintain your Monstera’s growth by using a stake or tying the stalks up together. This will help train the plant in the direction you want. They can also be pruned back whenever required to create a form suitable for their space.

These plants are considered to be toxic if ingested so it is best to keep them out of reach of curious children and pets.

Your Monstera Deliciosa - Swiss Cheese Plant is capable of growing several meters in height with the right care and attention. They are avid growers, reaching heights of 70ft in their natural habitat.