A mature Kentia Palm indoor plant, which would make the perfect edition to a home or work space.
The long green foliage of the Howea Forsteriana.
A branch of a mature Howea Forsteriana.

Howea Forsteriana - Kentia Palm

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About the Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm is dynamic and impactful. It has the ability to transform any space into a jungle instantly. Pointed fronds drape over its tall, elegant stems; this popular plant is instantly recognizable, resilient & easy to maintain. 

Kentia Palm originated on Lord Howe Island, off the east coast of Australia. Similar to the Parlour Palm, they gained popularity in the Victorian era initially, decorating the homes of the upper classes in society. 

This plant is a perfect beginner option, due to its easy-going nature, a necessary addition to any plant lovers collection! 

Your Kentia Palm currently lives in Bergs - Julie ø35cm - Rosa Terracotta Pot.

They're 90cm in height from pot base to leaf tip and can grow to be several meters tall.

Whilst we maintain the best standard possible, plants can vary slightly from the photograph from season to season.

Care Guide

This plant is happy in most light conditions. It thrives best in a bright space with indirect sunlight but will happily tolerate more moderate light conditions also.

Kentia Palms require regular watering, allowing it to dry out very slightly in between waterings. You can test the moisture levels of the soil with your fingers. Test it once a week, and use your judgement accordingly.

Kentia Palm are a slow grower but can reach up to 3m in height. They like a warm, humid environment.

Kentia Palms are non-toxic to both humans and pets and are therefore part of our Child & Pet-Friendly Collection.

Your Howea Forsteriana - Kentia Palm are slow growers but are capable of growing to several meters tall.