The Hoya Pubicalyx, commonly known as the Wax Plant, which is a trailing or climbing succulent plant.
The Wax plant potted in a Berg&
A medium Wax Plant potted in a handmade Berg&
The Hoya Pubicalyx, or Wax Plant, potted in a Berg&

Hoya Pubicalyx - Hanging Wax Plant - Medium

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About the Wax Plant

Hoya have seen a surge in popularity recently with their distinct trailing, glossy leaves that cascade down the side of its pot. This is a succulent vine plant, with the aptly common name Wax Plant. These plants are vigorous growers with tall reaching vines, that are ready to sprawl and spread. 

Hoya Pubicalyx also produces a beautifully fragrant springtime flower. Its flowers manifest in clusters of dusky pink and white. While the Hoya leaves are speckled ever so slightly with a pale green. 

This plant is an evergreen perennial native to Asia. 

Your Hoya Pubicalyx currently lives in a 17cm diameter nursery pot. 

They're 60cm in height from pot base to leaf tip and can trail to be several meters in length.

Whilst we maintain the best standard possible, plants can vary slightly from the photograph from season to season.