Glass Terrarium - Ginseng Ficus

Glass Terrarium - Ginseng Ficus

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Derived from the Latin words terra, meaning earth, and arium, meaning place or receptacle, terrariums are miniature, self-sustaining ecosystems enclosed within glass jars. Gaining popularity during the Victorian Era, these 19th Century inspirations offer an alternative method of growing tropical plants within our homes.

Enclosed within is the Ficus retusa - Ginseng Ficus. Emerging from the soil is this plant's unique, overt roots from which the branches of green leaves emerge. A commonly selected plant by those practicing the art of bonsai, these plants can be easily trimmed and shaped.

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Place your terrarium in a bright space that receives indirect sunlight. Avoid intense, directly sunlight as this can cause temperatures within your terrarium to increase significantly.


Being a miniature ecosystem, terrariums require minimal watering. The soil within should be moist at all times but not soggy. If the soil appears to be dry add a small amount of water using a spray bottle. 


When your terrarium has reached a healthy balance within your home condensation should regularly form towards the top of the glass jar. If, however, condensation is forming across the entirety of the inside of the glass jar there may be too much water present. To help correct this, remove the cork from the top of your terrarium for ~5 hours once per week until condensation only forms towards the top. 


At its widest point your terrarium is 17cm in width, and has a 10cm opening enclosed with a cork lid. They are 18cm tall.