Dieffenbachia - Dumbcane

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Dumbcane is a vivid, cheerful plant. It has ornamental variegated green leaves that are speckled with a bright yellow center. Although beautiful, this is not a plant for a home with small children or pets as it is poisonous if eaten. (It actually gets its name from this fact) 
Dumbcane grows natively in South America and has long been a very popular houseplant. It’s generally an easy-going plant when it comes to light & water requirements. 

This is a plant sure to illuminate any corner of your space with its dazzling foliage. 

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This plant will thrive in bright light but it can handle some lower light conditions. 

Water when the soil begins to feel dry on top, you can test this with your fingertips. Avoid overwatering. 

Dumbcane will reach around 1m in height. As with most tropical plants, it prefers high humidity.


This plant is toxic and should be kept away from children & pets. Do not put this plant in or near your mouth as irritation will occur. 


Your Dumbcane currently lives in a (12cm diameter, 9cm height) nursery pot. 

They're 40cm in height (Pot base to leaf tip) and can reach a height of 180cm.