Cordyline Fruticosa 'Mambo' - Hawaiian Ti Plant

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Decorated with almost iridescent pink borders, this plant's deep maroon foliage is incredibly alluring. Leaf's spiral around a single stem in a gradually ascending fashion. We love the drama this plant creates. 

Holding deep-rooted cultural significance to the indigenous religions of the Pacific Islands, The Hawaiian Ti has long been used in traditional medicine and local rituals. 

An easy-going plant, that enjoys a bright space. The dramatic "Mambo" plant would look at home in any space, we particularly love it paired up with the Simona Emerald Green pot, creating wonderfully contrasting colour palettes. 

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Hawaiian Ti Plants enjoy a bright space, close to natural light is best. 


Water when the soil begins to feel dry, testing the soil with your finger to ensure it is dry most of the way through.


To promote new growth these plants will shed their lower leaves. Remove browning leaves towards the bottom of the stem to help your Cordyline Fruticosa with this process.


Keep away from children and pets as this plant can be toxic if ingested.


 Your Hawaiian Ti Plant currently lives in a (12cm diameter) nursery pot. 

They're 40cm in height (Pot base to leaf tip) and can reach a height of 120cm to 180cm.