The Calathea Rubibarba indoor house plant.
Close up of the leaves of the Velvet Calathea plant, which is a member of the Prayer plant or Maranta family.
Velvet Calathea office plant in a Berg's Simona Rosa handmade indoor house plant pot.
Prayer Plant in a Berg's Simona Emerald green glazed handmade plant pot.

Calathea Rubibarba - Velvet Calathea

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The Velvet Calathea is aptly named for its soft, furry foliage. This dreamy tactile plant is also very pleasing to the eye with its playful, zig-zag fronds. The leaves have a deep burgundy underside and a rich green surface on top. 

Like all Calathea, it is part of the Prayer plant family, and native to Brazil. Being a tropical plant, it loves humidity and benefits from being misted regularly. 

This plant is relatively easy-going and enjoys a bright spot in your home.

This plant is part of our child & pet-friendly range as it is non-toxic.



Velvet Calathea thrive in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight which may harm the leaves. 


A happy medium is best - keep the soil slightly damp, but not drenched. Try not to let it dry out too much. You can test the soil for moisture with your fingers. 


This plant is a fast-growing and can reach up to 1 meter in height. It loves a humid environment, so a regular misting will be beneficial. 


Your Calathea Rubibarba currently lives in a (12cm diameter, 9cm height) nursery pot. 

They're 45-50cm in height (Pot base to leaf tip). 

Child & Pet Friendly Range

This plant is part of our child & pet-friendly range as it is non-toxic.