The Calathea medallion indoor houseplant.
The Calathea Roseopicta office plant in a Berg's Simona Emerald Green houseplant pot.
The prayer plant in a Berg's Simona terracotta indoor plant pot

Calathea Roseopicta - Calathea Medallion

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The Calathea Medallion has some of the most impressive foliage there is. Its leaves appear as though painted with contrasting greens, pinks & a deep purple underneath. The distinct pattern is copied on each large medallion shaped leaf, with perfect exactitude. This plant is sure to be an eye-catching centrepiece. 

Like all Calathea, it is part of the Prayer plant family, and native to Brazil. Being a tropical plant, it loves humidity and a warm environment. Prayer plants will close up their leaves at night, only to open them again in the morning, a truly magical act. 

This plant enjoys a consistent water schedule and prefers not to dry out too much, regular care is advised to get the best out of your Calathea Medallion.

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Requires bright light to thrive. It can also tolerate slightly low light but will flourish better in a bright space. 


Water little and often. Avoid letting the soil dry out completely.  On average, aim for once a week. We advise testing the moisture levels of the soil with your finger before you water, this will help prevent over-watering. 


All Calathea plants prefer to be watered with filtered or rainwater. Browning can occur on the leaf tips with regular use of tap water that is high in chemicals. 

Child & Pet Friendly Range

Calathea are part of our pet-friendly range and are not toxic to pets or people.


Your Calathea Medallion currently resides in a 14cm Nursery pot. Measuring 35cm in height from base to tip.