The Bottle Vase from Houe Doctor is made from recycled Glass. This vase is sitting on a low bench and is holding a flowering branch.
The large Glass Bottle Vase from House Doctor. This vase is made from recycled glass, and is large in size making it the perfect piee to sit as a floor vase or on a small side table.

Bottle ø40cm - Clear Glass Vase

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Capable of housing sprawling branches of willow and eucalyptus or towers of feathery Papas grass, the Bottle glass vase is capable of sitting stoically on the floor or slightly elevated on short stands or table.

The slender neck neatly holds the contents together as it emerges from the top of the vase, before granting it the freedom to spread outwardly into its full presentation.

Made of recycled glass, each vase possesses a smattering of delicate air bubbles and unique irregularities.


Material(s): Glass

Size: H56cm ø40cm

Colour: Clear

About House Doctor

House Doctor was brought to life to inspire and help people create their own unique space through balance, simplicity and authenticity.

The brand’s aesthetics are rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition with industrial notes and a touch of inspiration from around the world. All House Doctor products are designed in-house, with the vision that every detail truly matters.