Bergs - Willow ø16cm - Black Vase
Bergs - Willow ø16cm - Black Vase
Bergs - Willow ø16cm - Black Vase
Bergs - Willow ø16cm - Black Vase

Bergs - Willow ø16cm - Black Vase

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Willow is a striking sculptural vase saturated with intense colour, accentuating the nuances of the woven pattern reminiscent of old wickerwork.

The Willow vase collection is glazed the old-fashioned way, individually and by hand to ensure an impeccable finish every time. 


Diameter: 16cm

Height: 18cm

Handmade Pots

Our curated range of pottery has been designed in Denmark & handmade in Italy by renowned artisans, Bergs Potter. From their humble beginnings in 1942, Bergs have been handcrafting pots using age old techniques and the highest quality materials.

Created from fine Tuscan clay, the durability of these pots is evident, they will last for generations to come, all whilst keeping your plants happy and healthy.

Our collection includes raw terracotta, hand glazed ceramic pots and vases. All bearing designs inspired by everything from Parisian Markets to the planets of our solar system. Due to the handmade nature of these pots, you may even see the delightful signs of a brush mark, imperfect texture or grain - just like a piece of art.

"If your plants could speak, they would tell you that there’s nothing better than a quality clay pot. Proper drainage gives their roots room to breathe, and superior clay holds in the moisture they need." ⁠ - Steffen Berg⁠