Aspidistra Elatior - Cast Iron Plant - Small

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Much like the Parlour Palm, the Aspidistra Elatior is another vintage gem, gaining popularity in the Victorian era where it was commonly displayed in hallways alongside other finery.

The Aspidistra is commonly known as the Cast Iron Plant, a nickname it acquired thanks to its resilience and longevity. The Cast Iron plant can survive any and all household conditions, from shadier corners to colder, draftier rooms. A perfect plant for beginners or interior designers looking to add life to a room without much additional responsibility.

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These plants will thrive best in bright rooms, but are more than capable of surviving in shadier areas.


Cast Iron Plants prefer to be in moist, but not sodden soil. Water when the soil has almost completely dried out; one per week roughly in bright rooms or once every two weeks in darker corners.


Aspidistras are very slow growing plants. As a result they do not need to be repotted often. Mature plants can survive in the same pot for 3 to 4 years at a time.

Child & Pet Friendly Collection

The Cast Iron Plant is part of our Child & Pet Friendly Collection.


Your Cast Iron Plant currently lives in a (13cm diameter, 10cm height) nursery pot. 

They're 50cm in height (Pot base to leaf tip).