Alocasia Polly - Elephant Ear

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This dramatic plant has a striking aesthetic. Its dark green, glossy foliage is marked with a pale linear pattern and deep purple underneath. Each leaf is like an artwork in itself.

Common names include African Mask Plant and Elephant ear, due to its resemblance. 

Native to the tropical South Pacific Islands, these plants are accustomed to warm and humid environments. So misting is recommended. 

Occasionally Alocasia will bloom and produce flowers. However, it also has a dormant period in which leaves will fade and drop off. Alocasia are relatively easy to maintain once you follow our helpful guides.

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Requires a bright, well-lit space. Avoid direct sunlight as it may harm the leaves. 


Water little and often. Keep the soil moist and avoid letting it dry out. Mist once a week as this plant likes humidity and warm temperatures. 


We advise feeding this plant with fertilizer once a month during the summer growing period.


Keep away from nibbling kids or pets as Alocasia Polly are toxic if ingested.


Your Alocasia Polly currently lives in a (12cm diameter, 9cm height) nursery pot. 

They're 35cm in height (Pot base to leaf tip). 

When repotting your Alocasia Polly, we recommend a 14-15cm pot. 

Alocasia Polly can grow up to 2 ft tall.