The petite Pilea Peperomioides, also called the Chinese Money Plant in a handmade Bergs 6cm Julie Rosa pot
The Chinese Money Plant repotted in a petite Berg&

Pilea Peperomiodes - Chinese Money Plant - Petite

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About the Chinese Money Plant

Pilea are a delightful, energetic little plant that are very popular. They're at home in any contemporary, chic abode. A star plant in our book due to their effortlessness when it comes to care & maintenance. Sit this plant near a bright window, and water it every now and then and it will be happy. 

Also known as the Friendship Plant, this specimen is often gifted and can easily be propagated. Simply take a cutting of the pup plant, repot and gift it to a friend.

Native to Southern China, they are a perennial evergreen succulent belonging to the family Urticaceae. Being a succulent, it’s important not to over-water these beauties, as they retain water in their leaves. Less is definitely more when it comes to watering frequency. 

Our petite plants and pots are a charming little version of the larger varieties. Set in one of two raw clay pots that are handmade. Imbuing contemporary design, & honoring traditional craft.

Your Sweetheart Plant comes potted in either a Bergs - Julie ø6cm - Rosa or a Bergs - Hoff ø8cm - Rosa/Rosa. Handmade raw terracotta crafted in Italy.
They're roughly 20cm from pot base to leaf tip.

Whilst we maintain the best standard possible, plants can vary slightly from the photograph from season to season.

Care Guide

Pilea require a bright well-lit space and can handle some direct sun. It won’t enjoy being in a shady low light spot which may cause leaves to droop.

Allow the soil to dry out almost entirely between waterings. These plants are succulents so will appreciate a little less frequent watering. Dropping leaves tend to be a sign of underwatering while curling leaves indicate overwatering

These plants are exceptionally easy to propagate. They regularly produce miniature pups that can be separated from the mother plant and propagated in water.

Pilea are non-toxic to both humans and pets and are therefore part of our Child & Pet-Friendly Collection.

Your Pilea Peperomioides - Chinese Money Plant is capable of growing to 30-40cm in height and spread.