Echeveria Agavoides - Wax Agave - Petite
Echeveria Agavoides - Wax Agave - Petite

Echeveria Agavoides - Wax Agave - Petite

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About the Wax Agave

Concentric rings of triangular evergreen leaves form the simple yet stunning rosette shape of the Echeveria Agavoides. With a red-to-green ombré that becomes more pronounced in bright sunlight, each leaf is exceptionally lush and possess a unique shimmer.

Their origins in Central and South America make them lovers of warmth and sunlight, the Wax Agave adds a dash nature to sunny window sills or bright office desks. 

Our petite plants and pots are a charming little version of the larger varieties. Set in one of two raw clay pots that are handmade. Imbuing contemporary design, & honouring traditional craft.

Your Wax Agave comes potted in  a Bergs - Julie ø8cm - Rosa. Handmade raw terracotta crafted in Italy.

They're 10cm from pot base to leaf tip.

Whilst we maintain the best standard possible, plants can vary slightly from the photograph from season to season.

Care Guide

Native to semi-desert areas, Wax Agave plants thrive best in bright direct sunlight but can thrive in indirect light also.

Being succulents, these indoor plants do not require particularly frequent watering. Water when their compost has been completely dry for several days.

Being lovers of sunlight, sunny windowsills tend to be the best spot for these indoor plants but ensure to move them away from these areas if they tend to get cold or drafty during the winter months. These plants are not cold hardy so ensure they reside in warm areas year round.

Echeveria are non-toxic to both humans and animals and are part of our Child & Pet Friendly Collection.

Echeveria plants are slow growers and stay compact, rarely growing larger than 20-25cm making them a great addition to desks or narrow window sills.