Dypsis Lutescens - Areca Palm - Petite

Dypsis Lutescens - Areca Palm - Petite

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About the Areca Palm

Native to the humid forests and fertile riverbanks of Madagascar, the Dypsis Lutescens, or Areca Palm, has rapidly become popular among indoor plant enthusiasts. Boasting long, delicate fronds, each flaunting up to 100 leaflets, the Areca Palm creates a translucent screen of verdant foliage.

Despite its slower growing habits, these indoor palms have the potential to reach several feet in height. Best placed in a bright space, the Areca Palm rewards patient owners with steady, yet noticeable progress and exceptional longevity.

Your Areca Palm comes potted in either a Bergs - Julie ø8cm - Rosa or a Bergs - Hoff ø8cm - Rosa/Rosa. Handmade raw terracotta crafted in Italy.
They're 20cm from pot base to leaf tip and with the correct care and conditions can reach up to 100cm tall.

Whilst we maintain the best standard possible, plants can vary slightly from the photograph from season to season.