Asparagus Setaceus - Asparagus Fern - Petite
Asparagus Setaceus - Asparagus Fern - Petite

Asparagus Setaceus - Asparagus Fern - Petite

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About the Asparagus Fern

The Asparagus Fern is a beautifully delicate and elegant indoor plant. Their fronds and needles are so tiny, they appear fluffy and soft. 

From the genus Asparagus, despite its common name, this indoor plant is actually not a fern! It does have a similar appearance to them though. It grows long-reaching stems that weep down and sprawl out. Its attractive foliage makes it a sought after indoor plant in contemporary homes. 

This house plant is native to South Africa, thriving best in well lit spaces with bright light and some humidity.

Your Asparagus Fern comes potted in either a Bergs - Julie ø8cm - Rosa or a Bergs - Hoff ø8cm - Rosa/Rosa. Handmade raw terracotta crafted in Italy.
They're 20cm from pot base to leaf tip and with the correct care and conditions can reach up to 100cm tall.

Whilst we maintain the best standard possible, plants can vary slightly from the photograph from season to season.

Care Guide

This indoor plant requires bright, but indirect light. A happy medium is best, whilst regularly turning the house plant to encourage even growth.

Water little and often to keep your Asparagus Fern happy. Keep the soil moist but not drenched. Regular misting or the use of Lava Rocks to improve humidity is also beneficial.

If this house plant is happy in its location, it can provide small flowers and berries occasionally. They can sprawl to 100cm in height.

Parlour Palms are considered to be non-toxic to humans and pets and are part of our Child & Pet Friendly Collection.

Your Asparagus Setaceus - Asparagus Fern can reach a height 100cm meters with time and the right care and attention.