Hoya Kerrii - Sweetheart Plant - Petite

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Our petite plants and pots are a charming little version of the larger varieties. Set in one of two raw clay pots that are handmade. Imbuing contemporary design, & honoring traditional craft.

Commonly known as the Sweetheart plant or Valentine Hoya the Hoya Kerri are the perfect expression of love and appreciation for that special someone. 

The heart-shaped, rich, green leaves of this plant give it playful and endearing appearance. 

Hoya Kerrii are very easy plants to care for. They are succulents, meaning they absorb water in their leaves and stems, so they do not require particularly frequent watering. They are also capable of tolerating both bright direct and bright indirect sunlight.

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These plants thrive best in bright indirect sunlight but are capable of surviving in direct sunlight also. 


These plants do not require frequent watering. Water only when the soil has completely dried out.


Hoya Kerri enjoy humid conditions. These plants are happiness in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Mist regularly if this plant is being kept elsewhere.

Child & Pet Friendly Range

These plants are non-toxic and part par of our Child and Pet Friendly Collection.


Your Sweetheart Plant comes potted in either a Bergs - Julie ø6cm - Rosa or a Bergs - Hoff ø8cm - Rosa/Rosa. Handmade raw terracotta crafted in Italy.
They're roughly 20cm from pot base to leaf tip.