Stainless Steel Precision Secateurs

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Designed by Sophie Conron for Burgon & Ball, these secateurs have been created with both practicality and flair in mind. Designed to fit comfortably in all hands thanks to their ergonomic shape. The sharpened stainless steel blades are narrower than typical garden scissors allowing you to make precise cuts, even through more tender stems.

The Precision Secateurs are made from rugged stainless steel, giving them a weight that is a joy to work with. The simple brass closure allows the secateurs to be carried or stored closed, both for safety and to protect the blades from dulling in storage.


Burgon & Ball have been manufacturing steel in Sheffield, England since 1730. With nearly 300 years experience, they manufacture horticulture and botany tools of the highest quality.

Delivery: Nationwide


Body: 100% Stainless Steel.

Closure: Brass

Length: 19.5cm Width: 4.5cm