Trending Indoor Plants for 2022

Pilea Peperomioides - Chinese Money Plant

This delightful, energetic little plant can be seen in any contemporary abode. A star plant in our book due to their effortlessness when it comes to care & maintenance. Sit this plant near a bright window, and water it every now and then and it will be happy. Pilea are succulent plants, so less is definitely more when it comes to watering frequency.

Also known as the ”Friendship Plant”, this specimen is often gifted and can easily be propagated. Simply take a cutting of the pup plant, repot and gift it to a friend.

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Scindapsus Aureus - Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is a classic and almost staple plant. Its incredible ease makes it very popular. This delightful plant will grow, trail, hang and brighten up any space instantly.

Happy in anything from bright to moderate light, simply water regularly when it begins to feel dry and this plant will promise to delight.

Pothos are relatively fast growers during the summer months - giving you hanging garden vibes in no time.

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Aspidistra Elatior - Cast Iron Plant

​​The Cast Iron plant is a vintage gem, much like the Chamaedorea elegans - Parlour Palm. Gaining popularity in the Victorian era, these plants were commonly displayed in hallways alongside other finery.

The Aspidistra is commonly known as the Cast Iron Plant, a nickname it acquired thanks to its resilience and longevity. The Cast Iron plant can survive any and all household conditions, from shadier corners to colder, draftier rooms. A perfect plant for beginners and interior designers alike, looking to add life to a room without much additional responsibility.

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Calathea Rufibarba - Velvet Calathea

A feast for the senses, the Velvet Calathea combines stunning serrated foliage with tactile velvety foliage. The rich burgundy undersides, rich green surface on top and zig-zag fronds make for a plant that is both playful and easy on the eye.

With houseplant popularity continuing to grow, we suspect Calatheas, particularly these stunning Velvets, will top many people's wish lists this coming year.

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Coffea Arabica - Coffee Plant

History is one of the defining features of the trendy Coffea Arabica, or Coffee plant. It’s origins date back to 1000BC in the Kingdom of Kefa, now modern-day Ethiopia. In its natural tropical African habitat, the Coffee plant is an ‘understory plant’, which typically dwells under the forest canopy. The rich, attractive glossy green leaves and vigorous growing habits have made this plant a popular choice among botany enthusiasts.

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