The Best Indoor Plants that are Safe Around your Pets

As a pet-owner, there is an additional consideration that has to be taken into account when adding indoor plants to your home: is this plant non-toxic?

Many indoor plants contain chemical compounds within them that can cause a variety of less desirable symptoms, a characteristic they have developed to prevent them being eaten in their natural habitats. One of the most common compounds is Calcium Oxolate, an insoluble compound that is commonly found in plants that are in the Araceae family such as Monsteras, Philodendrons and Scindapsus.

Fortunately, there are plenty of indoor plants that are considered Child & Pet-Friendly, meaning you can add them to your home confident in the knowledge that even if curious fingers or little nibblers do take an interest in your beloved plants they will be safe.

Pet-Friendly Plants

Chamaedorea Elegans - Parlour Palm

A vintage gem, the Parlour Palm has been a popular indoor plant since the Victorian era where it was displayed in the Parlour Rooms of the upper class alongside other finery.

Their delicate and elegant appearance combined with relatively easy care requirements has elevated them to a must-have indoor plant.

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Pilea Peperomioides - Chinese Money Plant

This delightful, energetic little plant can be seen in any contemporary abode. A star plant in our book due to their effortlessness when it comes to care & maintenance. Sit this plant near a bright window, and water it every now and then and it will be happy. Pilea are succulent plants, so less is definitely more when it comes to watering frequency.

A perfect plant to get children involved in the wonderful world of Botany, Pilea can be easily propagated by cutting their pups away from the mother plant and propagating in water.

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Hoya Kerrii - Sweetheart Plant

Commonly known as the Sweetheart plant or Valentine Hoya the Hoya Kerri are the perfect expression of love and appreciation for that special someone.

The heart-shaped, rich, green leaves of this plant give it playful and endearing appearance.

Hoya Kerrii are very easy plants to care for. They are succulents, meaning they absorb water in their leaves and stems, so they do not require particularly frequent watering. They are also capable of tolerating both bright direct and bright indirect sunlight.

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Calathea Rufibarba - Velvet Calathea

The Velvet Calathea is aptly named for its soft, furry foliage. This dreamy tactile plant is also very pleasing to the eye with its playful, zig-zag fronds. The leaves have a deep burgundy underside and a rich green surface on top.

Accompanying the playful foliage are stunning spring flowers. Yellow in colour, they emanate from the base of the plant, bursting into bloom as days begin to lengthen.

A member of the prayer plant family these indoor plants fold upwards in the evening as the sun sets in a movement calld nyctinasty.

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Asplenium Nidus - Bird's Nest Fern

Forgiving fronds - Birds Nest Fern is a vibrant, glossy plant that is very easily maintained. They’re happy in a medium-light environment, ideal for shadier spots in your home.

With their elongated, ruffled fronds sprouting out the centre point, this plant exudes an earthy, forest feeling. This plant’s decorative appearance makes it a favourite here at Clay, not to mention it's forgiving nature in terms of maintenance and care.

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Maranta Leuconeura Fascinator - Prayer Plant

The Maranta Leuconeura Fascinator is nothing short of captivating. A myriad of greens sit alongside striking pink veins creating an almost surreal composition.

A member of the Marantacae, or Prayer Plant family, these plants fold upwards and inwards at night in response to the lower light, a nightly action called Nyctinasty.

Sure to draw they eye of children and adults alike, they are perfectly safe around children and pets.

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Aspidistra Elatior - Cast Iron Plan

The Cast Iron Plant is another indoor vintage gem, gaining popularity in the Victorian and Edwardian era where it was commonly displayed in hallways alongside other finery. The Aspidistra Elatior is commonly known as the Cast Iron Plant, a name it acquired thanks to its ability to survive extreme fluctuations in temperature, drafts and the poor air quality that was commonly preset in the gas-lit homes of the period.

This indoor plant can survive any and all household conditions, from shadier corners to colder, draftier rooms. A perfect indoor plant for beginners or interior designers looking to add life to a room without much additional responsibility.

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Peperomia Santorini

Peperomia Santorini is a sophisticated little plant. Its dusky grey pattern and rich maroon underneath make this plant an intriguing sight. 

Santorini are succulent-like and require infrequent watering. It is an easy-going plant that is happiest in a bright space. 

Their compact form and slow growing habits make them a perfect addition to home offices or as a unique centre piece to coffee ordining tables

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Musa Dwarf Cavendish - Banana plant

The Musa Dwarf Cavendish, or Banana Tree is a sublime conversation piece. While it may seem like an unusual choice as an indoor plant, these fruit-bearing trees have lived happily indoors for over 100 years; a popular plant grown in the conservatories and green houses of the Victorian upper class.

A perfect example of celebrating ones perfect imperfections, the Dwarf Cavendish produces stunning, but delicate, broad leaves that split to allow light and air to pass through. During the growing season these plants are exceptionally rewarding and are capable of producing new leaves fortnightly given the right conditions.

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