Trailing Indoor Plants that Everyone Should Own

When it comes to versatility few plants can compete with trailing indoor plants. Many are capable of surviving in a variety of light levels, bouncing back after brief periods of drought, and making the most of more awkward-to-fill spaces in our homes.

Trailing down bookshelves, hung from ceilings or climbing up moss poles, trailing and vining indoor plants possess the ability to introduce lusciousness and verdancy to any and all indoor spaces.

With so many stunning options to choose from, we have compiled a list of our favourites to help you choose one that is best for you.

Philodendron Scandens - Heartleaf Philodendron

A staple trailing house plant, the Philodendron Scandens boasts stunning glossy heart-shaped foliage in a bright green hue.

Hailing from Central and South America, the Heartleaf Philodendron grows exceptionally quickly. In their natural habitat they climb up neighbouring trees to absorb the sunlight that passes through the forest canopy.

Available in many varieties, some possess leaves with a golden variegations such as those of the Philodendron Scandens Brasil, or a natural shimmer and velvet appearance in the Philodendron Scandens Micans.

Their heart-shaped leaves are a symbol of love, making them a stunning give for that special someone.

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Scindapsus Pictus - Satin Pothos

Gaining popularity with every passing day, the Scindapsus Pictus - Satin Pothos has a delicate appearance. Each leaf appears to be carefully decorated with sporadic speckles of silver. The irregular heart-shaped leaf, satin appearance and ornamented foliage of these plants means they exude charm.

When you combine their delightful appearance with their easy-going nature it is easy to see why they are becoming a staple indoor plant. They are exceptionally expressive thanks to the leaves that curl inwards when they are in need of water. Their silver variegation also makes them capable of surviving more moderate light conditions.

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Hoya Pubicalyx - Hanging Wax Plant

Distinctly shaped leaves with a glossy surface and mottled pattern trail down the side of their pot. The Hoya Pubicalyx - Hanging - Wax Plant puts out long tendrils that weave their way around adjacent structures.

A succulent indoor plant, Hanging Wax Plants are drought tolerant thanks to their fleshy leaves. They also produce beautifully fragrant petite flowers in Late Spring or Earl Summer when the plant is mature. The flowers manifest in clusters of pink and white.

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Scindapsus Aureus - Golden Pothos

Also reffered to as Epipremnum Aureum or by its common names, The Golden Pothos or Devil's Ivy, this indoor plant is a classic and almost staple plant. Its incredible ease makes it very popular. This delightful plant will grow, trail, and hang, brightening up any space instantly.

Happy in anything from bright to slightly lower light, simply water regularly when it begins to feel dry and this plant will promise to delight. 

Pothos is a relatively fast grower during the summer months - giving you a hanging garden aesthetic in no time.

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Syngonium Erythrophyllum - Red Arrow

The Red Arrow is a rare beauty that you wont come by too often. Foliage has a rich maroon underside, which compliments its deep green "arrow" shaped leaf.

This Syngonium is very easy to care for, it is happiest in a bright space but can handle moderate light & even some direct sunlight. 

A stunning indoor plant that is sure to add some interest to your space, with its theatrical foliage and vining characteristics.

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